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"Listen: this ain't a story about a messiah. This is a story about the world coming to and end."

             -- Nazareth, North Dakota

It's a Record!

All three novels in the Messiah Trilogy have earned medals at the annual Independent Publisher Awards (IPPYs): GOLD for Nazareth, North Dakota and Apostle Islands, and SILVER for Armageddon, Texas!

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''One hell of a read.''                        The Summerset Review

“[T]his debut novel reveals the hardscrabble life of normal, unguided people who put their last dollars in the juke box and don’t worry about what will happen when the song ends…Zurhellen’s masterful dialogue often makes for gripping scenes that sustain these characters for decades.”           Publishers Weekly

''Poignant, funny, and beautifully written, Apostle Islands is a big-hearted story and that rarest of books--a profound page turner. I loved it.''                 Suzanne Morrison, author of Yoga Bitch