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Tommy's favorite cookie? nutter butter. His favorite animal? Giraffe. Everything else? check out below!

books & writing

Atticus Books --
where distinct voices become legend -- Our good friend and writer extraordinaire Baker Lawley writes on creativity and releasing the artist within! Not to be missed!


Gibby Goo Bop -- It's a band. It's a lifestyle. It's insane! Tommy says: Recently their video was the #1 
comedy video on Youtube, and they've got 
more to come. Check it out! You'll be singing 
it all day.

The Smithereens -- Tommy says: The World's Greatest Rock & Roll Band does indeed come from 
New Jersey. (Sorry, Bruce.) Is it a coincidence that their new album drops on 
the same day as Nazareth, North Dakota? We think not.

we like 'em just because

Dutchess County Arts Council

judas priestess


Bardavon 1869 OperaHouse

Papaya King -- 86th Street & Third Ave.

McSorley's Old Ale House

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