Stories Are Always Brewin'

writings                                when does tommy write? in the early morning, when ideas are still warm to the touch. what does he write about? find out below!


The Messiah Trilogy:

Nazareth, North Dakota    
Atticus Books, 2011   

Watch the ERIN READS video preview of Nazareth, North Dakota on Youtube by clicking here!

Apostle Islands 
                             Atticus Books, 2012

Armageddon, Texas   
                    forthcoming from Atticus Books, 2014


"Everything I Have is Blue" Atticus Books Online, 2011

"What Light Through Yonder Window Breaks" Coal City Review, 2010

"Song of Simeon" Red Mountain Review, 2009

"Whitestone"  Iconoclast, 2009

"Study for Bibi" Passages North, 2008

"Love Stinks" Crab Creek Review, 2005

"Fossils" River Oak Review, 2003

"Mr. Spooky" Crab Creek Review, 2003

"The Second Strongest Woman on Earth" storysouth, 2002

"Last Chance Gas" Appalachee Review, 2002

"Motel de Love No. 3" Quarterly West, 2002

"Amphitrite" The MacGuffin, 2002

"Big Fat Losers" Crab Creek Review, 2001

"Special Delivery" Carolina Quarterly, 2000


"Z" Iconoclast, 2005
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